The Memoir is the main source of information about the life of P.P. Bliss

The Life of Philip P. Bliss

When Bliss and his wife were killed in a train wreck in Ashtabula, Ohio, on December 31, 1876, he was only 38 years old. This book, "A Memoir of P.P. Bliss" was put together fairly quickly - both as a tribute to his life, and as a way to raise money for the education of his two children. The book was assembled by Major D.W. Whittle, another hymnwriter who knew Bliss (and had co-written a few songs with him).

Selected chapters from the Memoir have been typed in (the text should now be in public domain, since it was published over 100 years ago) and can be accessed using the links to the left. The missing chapters mostly contain lyrics to his songs or speeches given at the memorial.

Where available, illustrations have been added to the text of the Memoir. This is an ongoing project... Click here to his Memoir!

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